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28/06/2018 - BCre8ive Educational Newlstter

This month's educational newsletter for all creative focussed lecturers and admionstyrators includes the links t the new Arts Council - £20m Cultural Development Fund and a intercative map on where in England most peopel are actively engaged inthe arts, and of course, where they are not!

In addition links to AHRC: Audience of the Future: Demonstrators Programme Webinar setting out the basic criteria on how to aply to this latest fund offer as part of the Governmnet's Industrail Strategy for the Creative Industries.
A note on BCre8ive's work Creative Funding: Focus on Freelancers and Micro Companies update, as ew put togther infromation for financiers on the investmnet opportunitise across te UK Creative Industries.
PLUS as ever over £16k Competitions prizes including two major visual arts competitions and a regional short story prize.


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