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27/04/2020 - COVID-19 Financial Support for Creatives

The Government is being lobbied to provide a national programme of financial support for the Creative Industries.  Negotiations are ongoing but until such time as the Government agrees to recognise the specific needs of the Creative Sector then Creative Organisations themselves are stepping into the breach.

Here are some of the programmes that are available for a full listing go to https://blog.bcre8ive.eu/

Arts Council England:  ACE has suspended its main grant programmes to create a £160m emergency response package for individuals and organisations affected by Covid-19 including £20m to individual practitioners and freelancers.  The current funding round is open to 30th April.  (Applications to be made through the ACE grants portal ‘Grantium’ (See ACE Covid-19 webpage for details) HOWEVER people are reporting delays and difficulties with the system, so be prepared to spend some time.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation is offering a £20m emergency fund and will this year split its £1m visual artists and composers’ awards amongst EVERY eligible entrant.


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