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11/12/2018 - Five Questions for Local Creative Clusters

This is the second blog in the series looking at how to build and support effective local creative clusters. In particular, how to help micro-companies or freelancers succeed in your area. Having identified the number, type and range of creative enterprises in an area, based on the initial research, there are some key questions which need to be addressed on developing creative clusters.

  • Diversity – how to manage the fragmented, and diverse, creative activities within your area?
  • Development – what skills and resources are needed to improve the opportunities for growth within your area?
  • Inclusivity – how to engage communities, cultures and individuals who are currently excluded or under-represented within the cluster?
  • Quality – how to ensure the quality of new work is high enough to compete in a global market place?
  • Relevance – how to match support to individual enterprises in ways that are effective and relevant to their development?

This blog sets out some of the main points to be borne in mind when answering these questions, and highlights the successful approaches already adopted in some creative cluster projects.