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17/12/2018 - How to Support Creatives?

In this third blog of the series on developing local creative micro-companies and freelancers we look at the various existing resources available to support creatives and what needs to be created to improve the situation. Why is this so important?

“….many creative enterprises reported that those offering finance and support were either lacking in their understanding of the way the creative industries work, or could not tailor their product or service to their specific needs.”  - Growing the UK’s Creative Industries’ CIF December 2018

In this context there is a need to review and develop new business support systems covering not only accountancy but also business planning, financial management and creative skills.  However, the problems do not stop there.

“Many - particularly micro-businesses and self-employed workers - were also not undertaking enough measures to protect and maximise the value of their Intellectual Property ( IP ), and were unaware of the growth opportunities that exporting their services and/or products might deliver.” - Growing the UK’s Creative Industries’ CIF December 2018

The significance of this aspect of new support structures is that without this ability to protect their Intellectual Property and market it to the widest possible audience the creative enterprises remain uninvestible.  The result being that without the investment the creatives are not in a position to protect their IP, and thus are trapped in a cycle of client dependency and no real growth.


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